Insurance Tips-Ask for a copy of your insurance policy.

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By Daniel Raab, Esq.

June 27th 2018

One of the most basic things that I have advised my clients and taught students, is to read your insurance policy. This would be not just the deck page, but the terms and conditions of the policy which sometimes comes in a jacket. They must be read together. If you do not get the policy, request it from the insurer and the agent.  You want to know what is covered under the policy. Insurance policies must be read as a whole. Do not assume that the terms from last year are the same as this year.

I was in a situation where the insured did not receive a copy of the policy until after the loss and the Judge felt that a quote was adequate which did not have that much information. Why go there? You paid for the policy and you are entitled to see it.

Some insurers are required to provide copies of policies but not in all states and not with regard to all types of policies.

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